Techi Linen Cart

Techi Linen Cart Your Housekeeping Service Robot

No more going out to give linen supplies. Techi Linen cart will make sure of scheduled and on-demand linen deliveries with its autonomous navigation and automatic cart engagement system. Techi Line cart eliminates your housekeeping staff's all runner jobs.

Techi Cart is the workhorse solution to autonomous movement of linens, laundry, and trash throughout your facility.

Techi Cart can queue both full and empty, carts around the facility as part of the workflow.

Techi Cart will pick up a cart in one part of the facility, and autonomously move it to another part of the facility. This means that your staff can remain where needed and not have to make the frequent trips to move large carts throughout the facility. This serves as an important isolation element to reducing transmissions for your staff.

Fleet Management

Add the Fleet Management App to enhance your production and robot monitoring

  • With a quick swipe of your finger you can direct the robot to the location(s) it needs to go
  • Able to send messages when solution is at pickup/drop off point
  • Simple interface allows ease of use for employees of all backgrounds
  • Customized messages can be incorporated if needed
  • Real time monitoring of fleet of robots in the facility

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