KettyBot KettyBot is a delivery & reception robot

KettyBot is a delivery & reception robot that features advertisement display, customer guiding, AI voice interaction, delivery, and dish-returning functions. As a low cost and high efficiency solution, KettyBot delivers a state-of-the-art experience in high traffic restaurants.
A differentiated experience to attract more customers

KettyBot redefines customer experience with an eye-catching way to attract customers and a smart, thoughtful way to serve them.

A novel approach for in-store marketing

KettyBot allows your marketing campaigns and special offers to reach more customers, delivering a higher conversion.

Robot-human collaboration for improved service and efficiency

Human workers collaborate with KettyBot in a way that they can both do what they are best at. The result is higher efficiency and uncompromised service quality.

Manpower shortage is no longer a problem

Multiple delivery mode can well assist stores in completing tasks such as food delivery, dish- returning , and delivering snacks. This frees up human workers for other tasks, addressing the shortage of manpower.

KettyBot Features
Two forms for greater versatility
KettyBot features two forms enabled by the removable trays and rear cover. This gives the robot more flexibility to perform every task in the best way possible.
Greeting & Escorting
The rear cover of KettyBot features a minimalist, streamlined design that makes it more compact.

With autonomous path planning, the robot can lead customers to their tables in the best possible path, providing improved customer experience and reduced waiter workload.

Customer Attraction - AI Voice Interation
The new voice interaction module integrates 360° sound localization.

Exclusive situational dialogues with cutting-edge echo cancellation, noise suppression, and reverberation elimination technology.

Multiple Delivery Modes
Multi-table Delivery

Multiple tables can be served in one run with accurate positioning and optimal path planning. Achieve more with less!

Cruise Mode

KettyBot can cruise in specific areas to provide customers with free snacks, drinks and promotion sheets.

Dish-return Mode (Bussing)

KettyBot collects leftovers and plates and returns them to the dish-washing room for boosting the turnaround efficiency.

Birthday Mode

KettyBot can deliver birthday cakes accompanied by the birthday song, giving customers a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Automatic Navigation Planning
Laser & visual dual navigation solution helps to detect obstacles more accurately, making the robot safer.
KettyBot Features
Machine Dimension 18 x 17 x 44"
Machine Weight 70 lbs
Carrying Capacity 66 lbs
Battery Life 8h
Cruise Speed 3.9 ft/s
Charging Time 4.5h
Battery Capacity 25.6Ah
Clearance ≥ 21.5"
Climb Angle ≤ 5°
Ad Display Screen 18.5"
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