L50 Innovative Self-Adaptive Cleaning Technology

The L50 is Highly Productive
Productive scrubber with 55L/14.5Gal water tanks and a 5-stage filtration system.

510mm/20in - Cleaning Width

1.4m/s - Max Speed

2570m2/27663ft2 - Max Hourly Cleaning Size

55L/14.5gal - 5-Stage Filtration System

120Ah - Max.6h Running Time

The safest scrubber with a unique 32-beam 3D Lidar
The L50 stands out for its unmatched safety capabilities due to its cutting-edge 3D lidar technology and state-of-the-art "big model" and transformer neural networks, similar to those used in ChatGPT
  • 150m Detection Range
  • Glass Detection
  • Protruding Object Detection
Quick Specs
Dimensions:    41.5 in x 22.8 in x 41.1 in (LxWxH [no squeegee])
Cleaning Width:    20 in
Squeegee Width:    29 in
Max. Theoretical Productivity:    27663 ft2/hr
Brush Pressure:    55.1 lbs
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