HolaBot A Delivery Robot That Features Pager and Notifications

A Delivery Robot That Features Pagering and Notifications
HolaBot is a delivery robot that features calling and notifications tailored to a variety of delivery scenarios.
  • Best performance: HolaBot has a carrying capacity as large as 132lbs. With 4 trays and the IPX5 waterproof cabin. Great business capabilities give HolaBot unprecedented delivery efficiency
  • Most intelligent: HolaBot supports pagering function. With the modular base and the full-range depth sensor, HolaBot redefines the delivery robot
  • Efficient: 132lbs large capacity, fast movement, twice as efficient as the staff
  • Secure: Avoiding obstacles instantly for smooth movement, water-proof and spill-resistant
  • Easy: Require no extra maintenance except charging
Pro Performance, Power to Delivery
High Carrying Capacity

Build-in a 120L ultra-large cabin, HolaBot includes 4 Tier loading zone with adjustable trays level. The carrying capacity is 60KG. HolaBot is famous for its large volume and high carrying capacity.

Most Adaptive

In the catering bussing scenario, the staff have to deal with a lot of greasy dishes and leftovers. Hola's inner cabin is the first in the catering industry to reach IPX5 waterproof, detachable and washable, convenient for staff to load and clean.

Pagering Function

In order to respond quickly to tasks, waiters can call HolaBot through pagers. Tasks can be issued to the robot from the following device, ensuring the robot to be "on call" all the time.

Sound tracking: Auto and intelligent

Front-end noise reduction technology and full-range sound source positioning. HolaBot is able to identify the location of the staff following the sound "Hola,Hola" and turn the tank around towards the table, thus facilitating dish collection and table cleaning.

Sound Tracking
"Hola Hola" voice recognition, a 6-array omnidirectional microphone for the robot to locate sound source in real time and turn around intelligently.
Pager Function
Pudu HolaBot comes with pager function*, allowing you to call and assign tasks to the robot at any time.
* Pager needs to be purchased additionally.
Air Motion
No need to touch the buttons, efficient and contactless.
Machine dimension: 21.3 x 20.9 x 48.25 in
Machine weight: 132 lbs
Machine materials: ABS engineering plastics/Aviation grade aluminium alloy
Charging time: 4.5h
Battery life: 10-24h (replaceable battery)
Battery capacity: 25.6Ah
Cruising speed: 1.6 - 3.9 ft/s Adjustable
Capacity of single shelf: 33 lbs
Carrying capacity: 132 lbs
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