CC1 CC1 - Commerical Cleaning Robot

Cleaning robots offer the advantages of contactless and intelligent cleaning, especially when compared to manual services, presenting a rare strategic development opportunity in the commercial cleaning robot industry. Pudu's CC1 cleaning robot is designed to help the traditional cleaning industry meet the challenges of smart transformation.
CC1 is designed for a variety of cleaning scenarios and is capable of multiple functions, including scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, automatic water refilling and debris discharge, autonomous driving, auto elevator taking, e-gate and auto-gate passage, auto access control, and multi-floor operations. CC1 is equipped with a built-in roller brush, squeegee and removable dust vacuum that allows it to adapt to various floor types in buildings and residences, including hard floors and soft carpet.
Red Dot Award 2023
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PUDU SLAM Navigation Solution
PUDU SLAM is a new SLAM solution based on Lidar, Camera, RGBD, IMU, Ultrasonic Radar, Encoder multi-sensor fusion. This solution can ensure that the robot can perform tasks more efficiently in a mixed environment.
Automatic filling and drainage workstation
The CC1 is equipped with a large 15L fresh water tank and a 17L sewage tank, which can meet the up to 5 hours of cleaning and cleaning, and is equipped with a dedicated workstation to automatically add water and discharge sewage, bringing a convenient and efficient cleaning experience.
Quick Specs
Recovery Tank Volume:    3.96 gal
Fresh Tank Volume:    3.96 gal
Cleaning Mode:    Scrubbing, Sweeping, Vacuuming, Dust Mopping
Cleaning Work Noise:    <70dB
Operating Speed:    .66 f/s - 3.94 f/s
Maximum Battery Life:    9h
Run-time:    4 h - 8 h
Battery Capacity:    50 Ah
Charging Time:    <4 h
Operating Mode:    Auto and Manual
Robot Weight:    152.11 lbs
Screen Size:    10.1 inch LCD screen
Robot Diminsions:    26.1" x 22.36" x 26.85"
Enclosure Material:    PC + ABS
Navigation Method:    Integrated lidar and visual SLAM positioning
Min. Path Clearance:    27.56"
Max. Sumountable Height:    .78"
Max. Climbing Angle:    8°
Max. Surmountable Gap:    1.38"
Cleaning Width (with side brush):    19.69"
Operating System:    Android
Communication:    4g, Lora, WIFI, Bluetooth supported
Mobile App:    Supported
Auto Charging:    Supported (in conjuction with charging pile)
Operational Features:    Charging Pile, Workstation
Working Enviroment Temperature:    34°F to 104°F; RH ≤ 85%
Storage Enviroment Temperature:    -104°F to 149°F; RH ≤ 85%
Working Altitude:    less than 1.2 miles
Application Scope:    Terrazzo, marble, tile, exposy resin, sandstone, artificial stone, short-pile carpets, etc.
IP Rating:    IPX4
Operating Voltage:    DC 23V - 29.2V
Power Input:    AC100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Output:    29.2V, 11A
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