SP50 Innovative Self-Adaptive Cleaning Technology

The SP50 is Highly Productive
The most productive robot with the unbeatable spot-cleaning feature

213880 ft2 - Max. hourly cleaning size via spot cleaning

21388 ft2 - Max. hourly cleaning size via full coverage cleaning

18L - 18L dust filter bag and 5L trash tray

99% - Recognition accuracy

13 hours - Max. running time

Hassle-free Deployment And Service
Fast deployment with a user-friendly UI, saving time by at least 50%
Automatic map updating in dynamic environments
Modularized hardware design for fast and easy replacement of parts.
Great Cleaning Performance
It excels in picking up all types of debris, no matter how large or small. The SP50 is equipped with smart sensing technology that can recognize various types of debris on the floor and adjust its suction power accordingly. The robot is equipped with a powerful motor, with a maximum suction power of up to 25kPa.
Highly Intelligent
The smartest cleaning robot with Nvidia's advanced Xavier AI chip
NVIDIA Xavier is the world's most powerful SoC, based on a 12nm artisanal manufacturing process with 9 billion transistors. It features a GPU with 512 CUDA Volta and 32TOPS
Quick Specs
Dimensions:    33.7 in x 23.6 in x 41.3 in (LxWxH [w/o side brushes])
Sweeping Width:    28.3 in
Roller Brush Length:    18.1 in
Max. Theoretical Productivity:    213878.9 ft2/hr
Trash Tray Capacity:    1.3 gal
Charge Station
When the battery is low, the robot has the ability to automatically return to the charging dock to recharge itself, and once the charging is complete, it can automatically resume its previous task.
Quick Specs
Key Features:    Auto Power Charging
Dimensions:    16.5 x 8.9 x 24.4 in (Main body)
Weight:    60 lbs
Input Voltage:    100~240 V a.c
Max.Power:    1.34 hp
Output Voltage:    24 V
Output Current:    30 A
Ambient Temperature:    14° F ~ 113° F
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