Richie secure delivery robot

Richie secure delivery robot Perfect For All Your Delivery Needs. An Enterprise Solution With Unlimited Potential

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Avoids obstacles, promotes stable operations, and is simple to operate
richie collision

Avoids Collisions and Obstacles

richie charge

Charges On Its Own

richie map

Has Intelligent mapping

richie dial

Dials by Itself

richie elevator

Uses Elevators Autonomously

Perfect For All Your Delivery Needs
richie Food
Food and Beverage
Meal delivery to guests
richie Housekeeping
Item delivery as needed
richie Office
Front Office
Guest guide/food delivery
An Enterprise Solution With Unlimited Potential
richie Food
Meal Server
richie Food
Emotional Caregiver
richie Food
Guest Guide
richie Food
Automatic Shopper
Quick Specs
Height: 38 in | Diameter: 19.6 in
Carton Diameter: 10.6 x 8.6 x 11.8 in (L x W x H, admissible for 30pcs of 18.5 fl oz of spring water)
Weight: 99.2 lb.
Load: 22 lb.
Moving speed: 2.95 ft/s (normal walking speed)
Maximum no-load endurance: 6-8 hours
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